Ductless Systems

Ductless heat pump systems are a relatively new technology to the USA but a rather old and established technology for Asia, Pacific and Europe. They have been available in the USA but have not gained popularity until recently. In Europe for example most heating systems are hydronic (meaning they use hot water boilers and radiators). When the advent of home cooling came about there was no ductwork in homes to add a traditional ducted air conditioning system which is very common now in the USA. The ductless systems were a much better solution to adding air conditioning to homes. Eventually different technologies came about and heat pumps became available that do both heating and cooling. Now ductless systems are more common and popular in the USA. They are a good solution for the house that does not have ductwork or for an addition or room that needs conditioned. There is typically a indoor unit that mounts on the inside wall that is about 32 long and about 12 high. Refrigeration lines and an electrical line run between the outdoor unit and the indoor unit. These lines are normally run on the outside of the house between the indoor and the outdoor units and covered with a plastic covering called slim duct or line-hide. They typically install faster than a ducted system as well which helps keep the investment lower on these systems. Modern Ductless systems have inverter driven compressors that ramp up or down depending on what is needed to heat or cool the home. The output matches the needs of the home which make it very comfortable. This capability is very efficient. Some of these compressors now have an additional feature on the compressors that allows them to use flash injection technology. This technology allows some of these systems to supply heat down to -17F outside temperature. Most traditional heatpumps lose their output and efficiency once the outside temperature gets below 30F. These Special Ductless Systems do not lose output until you get below 5F. Finally some cold weather climate technology we can use in PA.
Ductless systems come in 1 to 1 and multi zone. The Multizone systems allow you to use multiple indoor units (up to 8 from one outdoor unit). There are a variety of indoor units available including mini ducted, ceiling recessed and floor units that give this product a lot of application flexibility. The high wall units are only one possible option. Companies like Mitsubishi are now offering U.S.A. style Air Handlers that will work with these systems allowing this technology to be used for traditional homes with ductwork. We install ductless systems throughout Centre County including , State College, Millheim, Bellefonte, Port Matilda as well as other nearby towns that are not in Centre County such as Lewistown, Mifflinburg Lewisburg, Loch Haven and elsewhere.