Propane Services

At Stanley C Bierly’s we offer several types of propane services.

20# and 30# cylinder refilling:

We have a bulk filling station at our Millheim Store that allows us to fill 20# gas grill tanks, 30# tanks used in campers and motor homes. Stop in our Millheim Store and we can fill or top off your tank. If you have an old tank we can sell you a new one, on a trade in, at a discount with one of our refurbished tanks for your convenience.

100# cylinder exchange program:

Stanley C Bierlys offers 100# cylinders for people who have lower volume propane needs such as with a gas cooking range, hot water heater or fireplace. The 100# cylinders are provided at no charge (no rental fees) and are exchanged rather than filled at our store in Millheim so that you always have a certified and inspected tank for your cooking needs. We can deliver these cylinders for a minimal charge which includes removal of the empty tank, installation of the new tank and a soap test to look for leaks. We also allow pickup at our store in Millheim of our 100# cylinders as part of our exchange service (provided you have a way to haul them vertically).

Bulk Gas Program:

If you are a customer that we have installed a gas heating appliance such as a furnace or boiler, gas fireplace or propane heating stove. We offer a bulk program where we install 100 gallon propane tanks and then have you filled by one of our suppliers at a reasonable bulk rate. Our bulk tanks come with gages on them so you can see what level the tank is. We can put you on an automatic fill program if your usage is predictable or a Will Call fill program if your usage is more un-predictable. This service is only for customers that we have installed equipment for or are current 100# cyl users and need more capacity.