Selkirk Brand Ultra Temp Chimneys refer to a Class A Chimney or an insulated Metal Chimney.  Sometimes people refer to it as Triple Wall chimney which is a style of chimney common decades ago. This type of pipe has an inside pipe that is exposed to the flue gases and an outside pipe. There is a ceramic fiber insulation in-between. This insulation protects the surroundings from the heat of the gases and also helps to keep the flue warm when in use creating a nice draft for any appliance hooked to it.

The pipe is designed to vent a wood stove, coal stove or wood fireplace without going through the expense of constructing a masonry chimney. The Class A Selkirk Chimneys are rated to be installed within 2″ of combustible materials like wood or drywall.  There are a variety of configurations they can be installed in, including through the wall, and through a roof or cathedral ceiling. The pipe has a lifetime warranty.

We can either sell you the pieces needed to install the chimney yourself or we can provide professional installation of the chimney as well.

Give Stanley C Bierlys a call to learn more about how the Ultra-Temp Selkirk Chimney System can solve your chimney requirements!