Oslo Woodstove - Stanley C Bierlys
There is something comforting about a wood fire. No electricity needed. Completely self sufficient. The smell of the wood the crackle of the fire. It is mesmerizing to watch the flames dance and burn in a woodstove. The heat you get off of them is wonderful especially if you just came in from the cold. There is a saying that a good woodstove works for everyone. If you like it warm you sit close to the stove. If you like it cooler you sit further away! How about that for simplicity!

Modern Woodstoves have some a long way since they started to sell them in the 1970’s. The current ones burn so efficiently that when they are under full fire you cannot see the smoke coming out of the chimney. The stoves burn almost all of the visible particles leaving only invisible gas leaving the flue. Some of our customers have reported burning 1/2 the amount of wood and getting the same amount of heat as with there old wood stove.  These modern wood stoves typically have some type of secondary burn system that extract all the heat it can out of the wood burning 75% – 80% efficient in most cases.

Wood Stoves come in many shapes and sizes. We handle Cast Iron, Steel, Modern design, traditional. They each have different benefits and features and can heat different size spaces, areas or even whole homes.  Our Cast iron stoves are the most popular. They provide a nice radiant on top of the convection heat that performs very well in almost any application.

If you have a chimney we can often add a stainless steel liner if needed to provide the optimum flue for your new wood stove plus provide peace of mind that your chimney is safe. Because the flue gases are so much cooler with these new stoves they like to have a smaller diameter/ cross section to draft properly.  If you do not have a chimney we can provide you an option for a Stainless Steel Class A chimney if you like. These are often less expensive and easier to install than a masonry chimney and with a lifetime guarantee they are good long term investment!

Stop by our store and check out the woodstoves we have on display. We would be happy to talk to you about our stoves and how they would work for you unique application!

Stanley C Bierlys sells and install woodstoves throughout Centre County including , State College, Millheim, Bellefonte, Port Matilda including other nearby towns that are not in Centre County such as Lewistown, Lewisburg, Loch Haven and elsewhere.