Air Conditioning

Keeping your home COOL in the summer time is often best done with a Central (for whole home comfort) or Ductless Air Conditioner (for zoned or Area comfort).

In Central PA we want our AC systems to dehumidify just as much as we want them to cool our homes. Comfort is measured not only with temperature but humidity as well. Caves maybe cool but it is typically very humid and not comfortable to live in. A lower humidity level in the home allows you to be comfortable at a higher home temperature as well. The lower humidity allows the natural evaporation of your bodies cooling mechanism to work more efficiently and thus you feel more comfortable at a warmer temperature. Often 75F is a good temperature when the humidity can be maintained around 45% – 50%.

A properly sized Air Conditioning system can provide the best balance between cooling and dehumidification. Often AC equipment is oversized in our region.
Air Conditioning efficiency is measured in SEER. SEER stands for “Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating”. The minimum SEER rating allowed to be purchased for a central Air Conditioner for your home in PA is 13 and set by the federal government. Normally in our area in Central PA we recommend 14 to 16 SEER equipment for the best operating cost to efficiency balance. If we were in Florida or Louisiana that would be a different story. Normally a mid-sized home will cost about $120 to $200 to cool for the whole summer in our region. So you can see paying $1000 more for an ultra high efficiency unit that cuts your $200 cooling bill by 40% (or $80) has a long payback. So let us help you select the best AC for your needs.

Heatpumps are often a good thing to consider when looking at replacing or adding air conditioning. You can click on this link to find out more about heatpumps.

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