If you have an existing chimney or flue that is degraded, damaged or even missing a clay liner we can install a Stainless Steel liner to replace it.  The new stainless steel liners we carry are flexible. They are also rugged and tough enough that you can stand on it without it denting or bending.

We can install a liner in your existing chimney, remove your existing clay liner if necessary as well. The stainless steel liners we carry can be insulated with a ceramic fiber rap that gives them a UL 1777 listing for zero clearances to combustibles. This rating protects your home by containing heat in the liner so that it does not spread and cause wood framing near your chimney to combust. This is especially important if you were to have a chimney fire.

Another reason a liner maybe required is if you are installing a new wood insert, gas insert, wood stove or gas stove. Even a new oil or gas boiler may need one.  These modern appliances are more efficient than their predecessors and often require a smaller area to vent because there is less heat going up the flue to create a good draft (more heat goes into the home and less up the flue than ever before). A warm flue creates the draft necessary for non-power vented appliances. If the flue is too large and the appliance does not send enough heat up the flue to warm the flue up it will draft and burn poorly or possibly not even at all.

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